Saturday, November 05, 2005

Entry 3 - Nov. 5, 2005

More progress done on my first knitted object - about 75% done. Yay! I've also joined a multidirectional scarf knit-a-long in Yahoo groups. More motivation! The deadline to knit a MD Scarf is by Nov. 30, 2005. Well, first, I have to buy some more yarn. (More shopping!) Then, there is more "free patterns" to be rewarded if you knit with Artyarns to make your first multidirectional scarf. I've looked up the prices of those yarns on the Internet, and they're pretty expensive at around $9-12/skein depending on what you buy. I guess you're technically paying for the pattern as well as the yarn if you follow the promotional guidelines. Can't blame them for wanting to do a plug for themselves. Still, it sounds like fun and the Yahoo group for the MD Knitalong provides plenty of support, encouragement, and guidance.

The first knitted object I'm working on is going to be from the Everday Bag guidelines in the "Knitting for Dummies" book by Pam Allen. I could always use more purses of different colors. This purse is likely not going to be good for work or everyday, despite the title. I am a little leery of hand-knitted objects in general, because they seem to wear out quicker with too much handling. It'll be perfect though for a casual weekend going out with some jeans. Someday, I'll actually get around to buying a digital camera so that I can put some pictures on this plain-looking blog. I'm currently using Plymouth Yarn Encore in a soft light purple. I was initally going to turn this into a scarf, but after feeling the texture of my finished fabric, I didn't think I was going to enjoy it too much around my neck. Knitting it up as a purse is using up a lot less yarn though, so after I'm done, I'll likely still have about 250-300 yards left. Oh well. :) Still, plenty left to knit a scarf if I wish.

I've also started to learn how to crochet. Although, I haven't really gotten beyond working just a few chain stitches on my H hook. I bought a pretty bamboo one from the Brittany Brand. I love how it looks with the fancy carved handle. However, I'm not concentrating on crocheting right now since my knitting project needs to be finished. Then, I can start work on my Scarf Exchange/Knitalong project. THEN, I think I'll finally try my hand a crocheted project. I've looked at some crochet patterns on the Internet and I am a little dissatisfied with the projects I've seen in comparison to knitting. They all seem so...full of holes in the photos and are less tightly woven. But maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places.


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