Sunday, November 13, 2005

Entry 6 - Nov. 13, 2005

This week I was on vacation, thus no posts for awhile. :) After I came back, I took the opportunity to travel from San Francisco Airport to the ImagiKnit shop! What an amazing store! Last week, I had said I was going to try to find some Art Yarns, but I went to TWO local yarn shops and they only had the super expensive Regal Silk kinds ($22/skein - ouch!) or the Ultramerino (around $17/skein I think? - *shudder*). I was thinking to myself, what happened to the Artyarns Supermerino which is only $9/skein? Bah. So, I finally found it at ImagiKnit! Yay!

Of course, once I saw all those yarns, I felt the urge to buy a lot of yarn beyond my simple intent just to buy for one project. So I gave in. :) I bought two vareigated blue, green, purple skeins of Supermerino Artyarn and one skein of Silk Ribbon Artyarn in the same color and 5 skeins of Dale of Norway Svale in pink for the Honeymoon Cami project which I really want to learn to do well. I love the picture in Knitty. I also acquired another set of double pointed needles (US #8), a set of cable needles from Clover (ack, haven't even learned to do cables yet), and some blocking pins (I'm thinking of sweaters already?? without any finished objects to my name? -sheeesh).

Just a word on my purse project. I've completed the main body of work - the garter stitch in 22 inches long after a cast on of 38 stitches. It feels really nice to finally be done with that part because I was getting really tired of knitting monotonously every row and seeing the same color all the time. Next step is the 42 inch purse strap in garter stitch as well. I was thinking I could try to learn how to knit some flowers, too because the purse itself seems rather plain looking. Or...maybe I could crochet them. I already have some dark purple yarn! :)


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