Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sunday Bit of Randomness List

Where did I go for vacation? A little place known as Paradise, Nevada... but more frequently known as the Las Vegas Strip (even though technically it is not IN Las Vegas). Hehe. I did actually go into Las Vegas to view the Fremont Experience which was visually beautiful and at the same time annoying ( dancing girls in skimpy outfits that were clearly for a male audience). I liked some of light and sound visuals though. Here is lists of what I liked and didn't like in Las Vegas ... I mean Paradise.

5 things I liked:

1) The Pink Jeep Valley of Fire tour - beautiful red rock formations and cool petroglyphs.
2) The close proximity of a Korean restaurant within walking distance.
3) The fabulous shopping with hundreds of unique boutiques.
4) Celine Dion concert - (and I'm not a fan of hers, but she performed very well)
5) The creepy thrill I felt at Madame Toussand's Wax Museum replica at the Venetian. (There was a red suited bell-boy like goblin zombie who suddenly appeared behind us after we bypassed the Monster's Alive exhibit. He just stood and stared at us. I know it probably sounds lame, but when it happened it felt scary!)

5 things I disliked

1) The huge cloud of cigarette smoke that was constantly present in the air.
2) The $55 Sushi plate at Fusia Restaurant (and the sushi didn't taste that good to me. The wasabi was also not very potent. I might as well have gone to a sushi buffet)
3) The somewhat militant tour guide on the Las Vegas Evening Tour.
4) The inflated prices of some things we usually take for granted. ($2.50 for just a regular cup of coffee?! - *sigh*)
5) Slot Machines ( it's very dull to gamble on them. I'd rather spend my money on actual video games, thank you)


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