Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday Review - Charity Giving List:

Around the holidays, many of our local charities are starting to ask for donated food, clothing, and money. Of course, some national charities happily accept knitted items. Here are a few of some of the charities I found through other sites that accept hand-knit items and they provide patterns for ideas, too!

LIST OF 10 SITES I know of so far:

Afghans for Afghans -

Ships Project:
- handknit an item for a soldier

Stitches from the Heart:
- handknit an item for a baby/preemie

Special Knitting Forces:
- handknit an item for civillians during wartime

Headhuggers -
- handknit a chemo cap! (a hat, beret, cap for chemotherapy patients)

Knitting for a Better World (information provided by Interweave Press)
- lots of links to charities that accept knitting. Please contact charity before donating because addresses may have changed or such. Links to Charity -
- more links to charity organizations that are more state-specific (if you'd like to donate to a more local charity) -
- links to some charity organizations, but they have lots of free-patterns in their library that could be used for inspiration. Beware annoying pop-up ads.

From p2 designs website:
- don't know what pattern to use for donation? Look here for free patterns for inspiration. These are mostly geared toward baby items

Knitting Pals by the Bay -
- Another chemo-cap link with a free pattern. This organization is more specific toward the San Francisco Bay Area (where I'm located!)

Just a note before you start casting on, buying yarn, or even start donating. Read the guidelines in some of these charity organizations on what yarn they would like and such. One good example is Afghans for Afghans where clothing is desired to be in 100% wool, whereas afghans can be in acrylic, but they'd like it to be double-stranded for extra warmth. Another good example I just read was for Chemo Caps. Wool is itchy on the head and some people are allergic to wool. Therefore, acrylic blends (Plymouth Encore) or cotton blends are best and they are desired to be machine-washable. Therefore, READ the GUIDELINES!

I haven't started on my charity project yet, but I am thinking of doing something simple like a baby blanket, although a chemo cap might be interesting. I could use up all this Plymouth Encore I bought. :P


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