Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sunday Review - Christmas Gift List

Hey, there. Back from Thanksgiving, spent with my family. Before you know it, 2005 will be gone and over. I've asked my family what they want this year, and as usual, they're on the fence on what they want! Frustrating! Anyway, I've considered some possiblities for them, and various other people who I'd like to give a gift, too (including my scarf exchange contact!). Here's a few items I'm considering

Christmas Gift Potential List
1) Knit a scarf? (I'd really like to try the Irish Hiking Scarf pattern)
2) Knit a hat? (It will be my first hat! Most of my family lives in the cold Midwest, so it might be useful. Heck, I was just there myself and it was C O L D.)
3) Buy some Scharffen Berger chocolate?
4) Get a sweater? - (I'm considering an alpaca sweater which none of us own)
5) Buy a watch? Maybe a Citizen or a Seiko. Something that does not require battery replacement.

I haven't forgotten my wish to knit something to donate to charity. Haven't casted on for that yet, though.


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