Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sunday Review - Pack Rat list

I thought I would start off by stepping back and looking at the big picutre each week. What I have and what needs to be done. I like reading about people's stashes so here's mine:

1 skein in violet (200 yds) - Caron Simply Soft - various practice crochet swatches

2 skeins in light purple (400 yds) - Plymouth Encore Worsted - currently used to knit Everyday Bag from Knitting for Dummies

1 skein in vareigated dark blue (200 yds) - Plymouth Encore
1 skein in vareigated demin-blue like color (200 yds) - Plymouth Encore - for striped scarf with dark blue?

10 balls of (109 yds each) 100% superfine alpaca in Lavish from Interamerica - some clothing item for the future. A short sleeve sweater or shell maybe?

1 hank of Cascade 220 (200 yds) in a rich red color.
1 skein of Mexican Wave (170 yds) variegated in red-gray color. Striped scarf with Cascade?

3 balls (156 yds) of Sherlock 70% extrafine merino/30% silk from Artfibers. Dark earthy brown color - first sock project

Equipment: US #9 and #5 straight Fiddlesticks needles (bamboo)
US #3 Double point needles from Clover (bamboo)
US #10 circular Clover needles (bamboo)
Brittany 5.0 mm H hook (bamboo)

After buying the Art Yarns for the multidirectional scarf project, I think that will be it for shopping. (famous last words)


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