Monday, December 05, 2005

Belated Sunday (Monday?) Review - Works in Progress

Well, procrastination rears its ugly head. Still have no finished objects. Or photos. Ick. However, I am still working on them:

1) Everyday Bag (from Knitting from Dummies) - need to do Finishing
2) Multidirectional Scarf (from Modular Knits) - need to add fringe, knit some more rows (seems rather short after just 8 triangles), and finish, of course.
3) I've begun casting for another scarf - Diamond Blossom this time. This is to obtain a Magic Chevrons pattern promotion.
4) Charity project - still thinking! :P

I am thinking of sending the MD Scarf for a Christmas Gift. I'm still thinking of my secret scarf pal, of course, but there's still plenty of time till Feb. 15, '06 and I was thinking... well, these are my first hand-knitted items. I kind of would like them to go to those I care about. ( no offense to the secret pal over there!) I've really delayed posting on this blog until I can get some actual photos. Well, if I can finish these projects, that is...