Sunday, January 29, 2006

Entry 16 - Still a Knitting Newbie - *sigh*

If you remember on an earlier blog post, I had mentioned I was trying to knit the Starburst Shawl from Modular Knits in Artyarns SuperMerino #110. Well, dear readers, I've learned a difficult lesson today. You see I had bought initally three hanks of yarn, intending to just knit a Diamond Blossom Scarf. Then the Starburst shawl caught my eye and I thought I'll knit that. But I realized I would run out of yarn so I went to Stash in Berkeley to buy some more #110. In the back of my mind, while I was looking at it, I thought it might have been a lighter color than normal, but I just shrugged and bought it anyway.

Well, I returned home and realized how dramatically different a #110 colorway can be. No wonder those knitting books always advise you to buy the same dye lot! Sheesh. Look at the above picture! Bah! *sighs and hangs head in shame* So, forget the Starburst shawl project. I frogged the entire thing. Fortunately, I had only advanced one hank of yarn, so I didn't really advance really far.

Also, fortunately, there is another project in the Modular Knits book that would be good for 3 hanks of one color and 3 hanks of a different color. The Cozy Diamond Wrap! I've had multiple false starts though due to my inexperience with knowing where to place the stitch markers and not using the stitch markers in the first place to guide my repeats and "knitting logic."

Beware, if you are knitting this pattern, too. There is some errata for this pattern on Step 6 that is on the Artyarns website. I may have found another error, too. You see, I was trying to knit Steps 1-4 of this pattern and my diamonds were all "creeping" up to the sides of the lower triangles when they should all be resting (knitted?) nicely flush against their darker pink triangle cousins. I frogged the entire wrap and started again. THIS time, I used stitch markers to keep track of where the triangles and diamonds ends. It has helped immensely, because now I suspect I was supposed to knit 8 stitches after I finish a diamond rather than knit 7. I haven't completed Step 4 though, so I'll post my findings if I find it to be true. You can see a close up of one of the diamonds here. The lighting is bad, I know.

Last, but not least... I signed up for another Knitalong. A Newbie Sweater Knitalong! I need the motivation... hee hee.


Blogger YarnB said...

Hi, I have done a lot of the modular knitting. AND..I love Art Yarns! I don't think the handpainted yarn has dye lots though just so you know. They tell you each skein is different and to use a few skeins at a time. After a few rows, you switch skeins! I haven't had to do that yet but that is what I have heard! See you on the sweater KAL. Lisa

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