Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sunday Review (Year in Review) - Much needed Update

Well, the holidays are come and gone and still no pictures. I do have some finished objects though, so as soon as I can figure out this silly camera phone, I'll post some pictures. In the meantime, here's a list of my knitting adventures I completed in my short knitting life: (begun in Oct '05!)

1) An Everyday Bag from Knitting for Dummies by Pam Allen (done in Plymouth Encore (one Skein) - 200 yds

2) A multidirectional scarf from Modular Knits in ArtYarns Supermerino #123 (took three hanks of 100 yds each abouts). I also added a fringe in Silk Ribbon #123. So pretty is the finished project! I am torn between giving this to one of my family members or using it as an ISE gift. I can always knit another one, but this is my first FO I'm really excited about. Hmm. (Pictures coming)

3) A Patchwork Eyeglass Case from Modular Knits in ArtYarns Silk Ribbon #123 (I had so much excess Silk Ribbon and I spent HOURS untangling it, it needed to be used up (otherwise it will tangle in the future). I made one case, but I still haven't used up the hank. Ho well. Takes about 50-65 yards maybe to make?

4) Various knitted swatches of yarns I've used. I stockinette swatched the Plymouth yarn for future reference as well as the Supermerino (didn't have too much of that left).

5) Various Crocheted swatches of practice crochet stitches. I have Sc, Dc, Treble crochet, Hdc, and Double Treble crochet. I used Caron Simply Soft which is kind of splitty, but nice. It has the annoying tendency to have knots in the hank. Doesn't unravel very easily. Texture wise though, quite soft. Sc swatch, though feels somewhat stiff.

Works in Progress:

1) Starburst Shawl in ArtYarns Supermerino #110 on Fiddlesticks Bamboo #8 needles.

2) Crocheted or Knitted Chemo cap? (something simple for my first hat. I'm thinking of making a brim hat. Something unique.)

Yes, I seem to be knitting a lot of things out of MK book. Yes, I am somewhat a sucker for promotions. But the items are turning out beautiful, so I don't mind so much. Plus, I like how simple the patterns are, once I get the hang of them. Eventually, I'll move on to something truly wearable and tailored. I've got the yarn for my Honeymoon Cami still sitting around. :P


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