Friday, February 17, 2006

Entry 19 - UFO Olympics - At least I finished this part...

Materials used: Artyarns Silk Ribbon #123, (Fur edging: Paton's Twister in Bongo Blue?), Susan Bates Double-pointed needles #8

Hee hee, it took me a month to do this silly project.

Mostly because I was trying for a couple weeks to find an appropriate novelty yarn to do the edge. I know there is an Artyarns Silk Fur available, but it's a little rich for my wallet and I didn't want to spend so much for just novelty yarn.

Crocheting the novelty yarn around the edges was the hardest part. I couldn't see what I was doing half the time and I was a beginner to single crocheting. Still, the fortunate thing about novelty yarn is it hides whatever clumsy attempts you are making. I think I crocheted too tightly because it dramatically puckers in around the edges. But you know, I'll live with it. I'm just happy that it's finished.

The Silk Ribbon, in my opinion, is a tad too delicate to make a case out of, but I had that still lying around as leftovers from my last project and I hate waste. I've also made the case a tad too long. My eyeglasses are not that long. I had made it initally longer, because I was worried that it would not be long enough. I did not count on the fact that the Silk Ribbon is VERY elastic and would be VERY stretchy. Heh. Live and learn.

I also put some lining inside the case to strengthen the inside. That way, my nice Silk Ribbon would not support all the weight of heavy objects inside. I don't think I'll use this for my eyeglasses though. I tend to throw objects into my purse and this case is a little delicate to be throwing around. I think I'm going to use it to store my growing collection of double-pointed needles and crochet hooks. It's perfect for my knitting bag.


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