Friday, February 24, 2006

Entry 20 - Scarfless in San Francisco (apologies to Nora Ephron)

The International Scarf Exchange is over! My secret scarf pal, Mandy Harvey, received the Multidirectional Scarf over President's Day weekend. A brave woman who is not only a busy mother of three boys, but also going through chemotherapy. Still, through her blog, she has an enthusiastic attitude and a cheerful heart. I thought about making her a hat, too, but she's such a hat making machine that I was afraid my poor clumsy knitting skills at making my first hat would far, far pale in comparison. So, I just sent some cinnamon caramels in the package instead as a bonus to the scarf I made. I hope you like them, Mandy!

As for my own scarf, well, I think either the mailman(woman) is keeping his/her neck toasty warm, or it's languishing somewhere (I hope) in the undeliverable pile at the Post Office. If that's the case, I hope when I contact the Post Office about my lost package, they'll find it! My pal contacted me, telling me she had sent my scarf over a month ago. Well, it's still not here. *heavy sigh*

As for my Olympics project... Hah! I'll be lucky if I finish it by the end of Februrary. I've only done six rounds on my Honeymoon Cami and I only have two days left to knit the entire piece. Ah well. Still, I absolutely love Dale of Norway (even though it's very splitty). I can feel how soft this fabric is going to be and the subtle sheen of the yarn as it goes through my fingers. Definitely, I'm going to purchase more of this yarn when I'm going to make summer garments.

Don't have any pictures to post, so to make up for it...have fun looking at the results of another quiz I took:


Your stone: Lapis Lazuli

Your power: Knowledge. Youre always thirsting for new knowledge. If the world was ending, everyone would turn to you and your vast mind stored information to save them.

Your element: Ice

A quote that applies to you: "Believe in the incredible power of the human mind."

What's your inner power?
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