Sunday, March 05, 2006

Entry 21 - Knitting at the Oscars

Since I took up knitting as a hobby, I've learned how really useful it can passing time through the boring parts of the annual Oscar show. All in all, a somewhat watchable show. I didn't watch the monologue, but I started somewhere in the middle as they were presenting Best Visual Effects and showing Ben Stiller with his cheesy performance. Best comedic performance has to be Will Ferrell and Steve Carrell with their deadpan delivery of introducing the Best Makeup award. I couldn't understand why they had to cut the obligatory Thank you speeches of the Producers who won the Best Picture award. You'd think if you'd just won a major award, you would give them more time to ramble on, but the music just interrupted them and then "cue" the commercial. I kind of pitied them.

Out of all the Best Picture nominees, I've only seen Brokeback Mountain. Would I go out now and rent all the rest of the nominees now? Including the Best Picture winner? Probably not...unless they showed up on cable. It was a bit amusing to see throughout the entire telecast, these actors trying to convince the TV-viewing public to go out in the theatre and watch movies on the big screen. Nice try, Hollywood.

Maybe if there was actually something worth seeing, more people would go. I mean look what's coming in the near future: Basic Instinct 2?! The Shaggy Dog? Blech.

I've seen very few films on the "big screen". The worst one I could remember seeing was Star Wars Episode II. I can't believe I paid $10 to watch a B-class movie. Although, I think Scary Movie 3 was a close second.

The best movie I remember seeing had to be Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. I don't remember being ever so freaked out by one particular scene. (Those of you who've watched it will know the scene I'm talking about. After everyone was freaked out in the theatre, people started laughing nervously in relief afterwards. Now that was a good movie).

In knitting news:
So far, I finished two and a quarter repeats of my Cozy Diamond wrap...thanks to the Oscars! I only stopped there because I ran out of yarn of my second hank. I tried a Russian Join for the first time, but I think I screwed up and I ended up making a big huge knot. I most likely will try the spliced join, which seems a bit simpler. I'd like the fact that there's no ends to weave in and almost no waste.

Eventually, I'll have something finished, but for now... they're all works in progress. Finished objects coming to a blog post near you! No sneak previews yet. :P