Sunday, May 28, 2006

Entry 25 - Happy Memorial Day's Eve!

I just finished the front panel of my Gemma sweater. For now, I am just knitting one project at a time. I am hoping that this will encourage me to finish objects rather than leave them unfinished. Also, I'm hoping it will curb any yarn buying habits developing into some sort of stash. :) So far, I have a lot of blocking to do (ugh). After I block, I plan to knit the collar of the sweater and then seam. I've never seamed before, but I'm told it can be a chore.

I'm still quite bewildered what to do about my tote project (which I haven't started yet). Eep. Noro Silk Garden or Frog Tree Alpaca? My inclination is to just knit a non-felted item because I just don't have access to a laundry machine. I can go to the laundromat, but why waste water and money just to felt something? I suppose it's for a gift, but the frugal conscience in me is wagging a finger at me saying, Are you kidding?

Despite my inclinations to spend less, I'm still contemplating buying more yarn...only because there are two stores with anniversery sales going on. Should I? or Shouldn't I? That the question. I look at my growing stash of yarn (ok, well, maybe it's a small stash compared to some people's) and ask myself, shouldn't you use up what you have?

I was contemplating this as I was reading Lolly's blog who is founder of Project Spectrum. She has tallied up her own yarn stash and it stretches for about 50 miles! Whoa! I looked at my own small, yet growing pile of yarn and wonder, will that be me in a few more knitting years? :)

Friday, May 19, 2006

Entry 25 - In Which I Live up to a Portion of this Blog's Title...

Nothing much to report lately except that I've finally finished my Honeymoon Cami. Yay! I just need to block/wash it though. However, I wore it outside one day unblocked with a cardigan over it. I like the feel of it next to my skin, but I must say, the V-neck is slightly too low for my prudish comfort. I'm not talking Jennifer Lopez's Versace V-neck low, but the FEELING is there to me. I'm just not used to it. It's good for casual wear/exercise/stay at home days.

I've also joined more KAL's. They're so fun and addicting! I bought the Knitting Nature book by Norah Gaughan and joined the KAL blog, too. Then I joined the Amazing Lace KAL. So far, I'm just knitting one project at this time (my first sweater), but since I've joined these KAL's, I think I'm going to end up with multiple projects again. I'm such a lemming...or sheep? Oh, and I signed up for Project Spectrum, too. Although, I haven't made anything green yet. I do have some lovely Dale of Norway Baby Ull in a rich dark green.

In fields of May flowers, I spied some Yarn...

in reality: yarn ball sitting on top of my flower print ironing board

In summary, here are my plans for the summer KAL's:
1) Tote Exchange - tote (project kept secret - it will be in some sort of purple though) - pattern purchased from LYS

2) Year of the Sweater KAL -
a) Honeymoon Cami (blocking left)
b) Debbie Bliss's "Gemma" - Working on sleeves, Front panel and neckline left to do.

3) Amazing Lace KAL -
  • Zig Zag Hat from Knitty
  • (I even have the white 'Feeling' yarn - it was difficult to find)

    4) Knitting Nature KAL - unknown yet what to do

    5) MD Knitting Group - I'm kind of tired of knitting MD projects. I've done 3 already! Time to blind myself to those promotions.

    6) Project Spectrum - Green socks maybe? Although May is almost over. Maybe I should start planning for June (blue) instead considering how slow I knit these projects.

    Wednesday, May 03, 2006

    Entry 24 - Uno...Dos...Tres en uno semana? Ay caramba!

    It's been awhile since I've updated this blog until just recently. My days off from work may have something to do with my renewed interest in blogging. Today, I just finished blocking and drying my CD Wrap. Let me tell you that I can really see that blocking makes a difference. Before, it was all a kind of lumpy mess with all the skp decreases I did, but still quite nice looking unblocked. Still, I immersed in a little over a gallon of warm water with about a teaspoonful and a half of Eucalan. The part I hate about blocking is waiting for it to dry...perhaps taking a full day and a half.

    Fully dry, I can see my stitch bumps are smoothed out a little (although, some of them are still there, but perhaps not quite so prominetly). The freshly washed wool is softer next to my skin. The feel of it is a lot more luxurious. Although, perhaps I should try steam blocking. Maybe it would go quicker next time? Blocked, the Wrap stretched out length wise to another 5 inches. So the final piece is now 14 x 38.5 inches long (instead of 14 x 33.5 inches long unblocked). Just enough to wrap around my arms and shoulders.

    I am also working on two other projects:

    On the left is the bottom detailing of the first sweater I'm making. Knit in Rowan Soft Tweed in Slate Blue. It is all stockinette so the bottom edge will roll.

    On the right is the Honeymoon Cami I've been working on with one skein left showing. Actually, I have two skeins left, but I think really only one skein of yarn is left to go because the V-neck and armhole shaping is all that's left which doesn't really take up much yarn on a camisole. Even though the pattern for me only required about 4 skeins, I was glad to have an extra skein (a 5th) because the pattern asks you to start a new ball of yarn on straight needles.

    Oh...and I also bought a brand new digital camera. That's why the pictures have been looking better lately. It's a Nikon Coolpix S6. I love it. :)

    Tuesday, May 02, 2006

    R.I.P. Project list - April Thoughts in Review

    i.e. my mind is still in April even though it's May already

    It's been awhile since I've lasted posted a list, so for my own amusement, here is a list of 'abandoned' projects! Which means I initially started the project, for whatever reason I either: a) frogged it, b) became frustrated, c) became easily distracted to another project

    1) Starburst Shawl - from the Modular Knits book - (became the Cozy Diamond Wrap)

    2) Diamond Blossom Scarf - from the Modular Knits book - (became the start of the Starburst which became the CD Wrap)

    3) Basic Ribbed Hat in Cascade 220 (red)- Wanted to make it for my secret scarf pal initally, but I was knitting too slow. I don't think I understood the pattern very well. Also, my secret pal is much better at making hats than I am!

    4) Crocheted Hat - I think I better wait before I attempt crocheting in the round. I haven't really practiced my sc's, dc's, or hdc's really well. I seem to crochet too tightly.

    Nice project ideas that never got completed...and probably won't anytime in the near future. After my sweater class, I'm even more interested in making knitwear. It's such fun! After I finish my First Sweater, I'll probably think about making another one with a cable element to it.

    Entry 22 - Where did April Go?

    Ah, well, I missed the chance to do in an update in April. I've been quite busy for the past month. I've takin a "First Sweater" class and I've been knitting on three projects at once! All three of them are no "small" projects either. In fact... I've just finished one of them now:

    Cozy Diamond Wrap from Modular Knits by Iris Schreir
    Yarn: Artyarns Supermerino in colorway #110 (in dye lot A and Dye lot B)

    Side note: Initially, I had thought I had bought two separate colorways. However, after browsing other yarn shops, I observed that the #110 colorway _IS_ different depending on whether your local yarn shop has any 'old' Supermerino batches in stock. I think when I went to get more yarn for the Starburst Shawl (my inital start for this project), I did, indeed, buy the correct colorway #110, but it was in a different dye lot (and newer Supermerino batch).

    Needles: #7 Addi Turbos 24' circulars
    Notions: Clover stitch markers (about a dozen or so)
    Time: Cast on mid-January, finished knitting end of April.

    Other projects I'm still working on:

    Honeymoon Cami (yes, THAT honeymoon cami that I told myself I was going to knit in two weeks during the Olympics. Hah. Who was I kidding? I just have one skein left to go though!)

    My First Sweater - I took a sweater class for about six weeks and have just finished the back panel. I chose this to be the back panel because of the glaring hole I'll have to fix later. I have to knit the sleeves and the front panel still.

    And... I've joined another knitalong. A tote exchange KAL where I'm one of the hostesses. Although, I'm doing a poor job because I haven't been updating the blog much (just like this one), hee hee. Now that I've finally posted on my OWN blog, I think it has somewhat revived my interest in participating in other blogs I belong to.

    Speaking of motivation...I still have that knitted purse I first started way back last year. I have to sew up the sides and add the I-cord handle. It's just sitting there on top of my knitting pile. I'll get around to it this year... I promise. AND post a photo.