Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Entry 22 - Where did April Go?

Ah, well, I missed the chance to do in an update in April. I've been quite busy for the past month. I've takin a "First Sweater" class and I've been knitting on three projects at once! All three of them are no "small" projects either. In fact... I've just finished one of them now:

Cozy Diamond Wrap from Modular Knits by Iris Schreir
Yarn: Artyarns Supermerino in colorway #110 (in dye lot A and Dye lot B)

Side note: Initially, I had thought I had bought two separate colorways. However, after browsing other yarn shops, I observed that the #110 colorway _IS_ different depending on whether your local yarn shop has any 'old' Supermerino batches in stock. I think when I went to get more yarn for the Starburst Shawl (my inital start for this project), I did, indeed, buy the correct colorway #110, but it was in a different dye lot (and newer Supermerino batch).

Needles: #7 Addi Turbos 24' circulars
Notions: Clover stitch markers (about a dozen or so)
Time: Cast on mid-January, finished knitting end of April.

Other projects I'm still working on:

Honeymoon Cami (yes, THAT honeymoon cami that I told myself I was going to knit in two weeks during the Olympics. Hah. Who was I kidding? I just have one skein left to go though!)

My First Sweater - I took a sweater class for about six weeks and have just finished the back panel. I chose this to be the back panel because of the glaring hole I'll have to fix later. I have to knit the sleeves and the front panel still.

And... I've joined another knitalong. A tote exchange KAL where I'm one of the hostesses. Although, I'm doing a poor job because I haven't been updating the blog much (just like this one), hee hee. Now that I've finally posted on my OWN blog, I think it has somewhat revived my interest in participating in other blogs I belong to.

Speaking of motivation...I still have that knitted purse I first started way back last year. I have to sew up the sides and add the I-cord handle. It's just sitting there on top of my knitting pile. I'll get around to it this year... I promise. AND post a photo.


Blogger Mandy said...

Glad to see your posting again!! Cozy Diamond is so beautiful! I love the color! Your sweater and Honeymoon camy are looking great!!

10:11 PM  

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