Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Entry 24 - Uno...Dos...Tres en uno semana? Ay caramba!

It's been awhile since I've updated this blog until just recently. My days off from work may have something to do with my renewed interest in blogging. Today, I just finished blocking and drying my CD Wrap. Let me tell you that I can really see that blocking makes a difference. Before, it was all a kind of lumpy mess with all the skp decreases I did, but still quite nice looking unblocked. Still, I immersed in a little over a gallon of warm water with about a teaspoonful and a half of Eucalan. The part I hate about blocking is waiting for it to dry...perhaps taking a full day and a half.

Fully dry, I can see my stitch bumps are smoothed out a little (although, some of them are still there, but perhaps not quite so prominetly). The freshly washed wool is softer next to my skin. The feel of it is a lot more luxurious. Although, perhaps I should try steam blocking. Maybe it would go quicker next time? Blocked, the Wrap stretched out length wise to another 5 inches. So the final piece is now 14 x 38.5 inches long (instead of 14 x 33.5 inches long unblocked). Just enough to wrap around my arms and shoulders.

I am also working on two other projects:

On the left is the bottom detailing of the first sweater I'm making. Knit in Rowan Soft Tweed in Slate Blue. It is all stockinette so the bottom edge will roll.

On the right is the Honeymoon Cami I've been working on with one skein left showing. Actually, I have two skeins left, but I think really only one skein of yarn is left to go because the V-neck and armhole shaping is all that's left which doesn't really take up much yarn on a camisole. Even though the pattern for me only required about 4 skeins, I was glad to have an extra skein (a 5th) because the pattern asks you to start a new ball of yarn on straight needles.

Oh...and I also bought a brand new digital camera. That's why the pictures have been looking better lately. It's a Nikon Coolpix S6. I love it. :)


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