Sunday, May 28, 2006

Entry 25 - Happy Memorial Day's Eve!

I just finished the front panel of my Gemma sweater. For now, I am just knitting one project at a time. I am hoping that this will encourage me to finish objects rather than leave them unfinished. Also, I'm hoping it will curb any yarn buying habits developing into some sort of stash. :) So far, I have a lot of blocking to do (ugh). After I block, I plan to knit the collar of the sweater and then seam. I've never seamed before, but I'm told it can be a chore.

I'm still quite bewildered what to do about my tote project (which I haven't started yet). Eep. Noro Silk Garden or Frog Tree Alpaca? My inclination is to just knit a non-felted item because I just don't have access to a laundry machine. I can go to the laundromat, but why waste water and money just to felt something? I suppose it's for a gift, but the frugal conscience in me is wagging a finger at me saying, Are you kidding?

Despite my inclinations to spend less, I'm still contemplating buying more yarn...only because there are two stores with anniversery sales going on. Should I? or Shouldn't I? That the question. I look at my growing stash of yarn (ok, well, maybe it's a small stash compared to some people's) and ask myself, shouldn't you use up what you have?

I was contemplating this as I was reading Lolly's blog who is founder of Project Spectrum. She has tallied up her own yarn stash and it stretches for about 50 miles! Whoa! I looked at my own small, yet growing pile of yarn and wonder, will that be me in a few more knitting years? :)


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