Friday, May 19, 2006

Entry 25 - In Which I Live up to a Portion of this Blog's Title...

Nothing much to report lately except that I've finally finished my Honeymoon Cami. Yay! I just need to block/wash it though. However, I wore it outside one day unblocked with a cardigan over it. I like the feel of it next to my skin, but I must say, the V-neck is slightly too low for my prudish comfort. I'm not talking Jennifer Lopez's Versace V-neck low, but the FEELING is there to me. I'm just not used to it. It's good for casual wear/exercise/stay at home days.

I've also joined more KAL's. They're so fun and addicting! I bought the Knitting Nature book by Norah Gaughan and joined the KAL blog, too. Then I joined the Amazing Lace KAL. So far, I'm just knitting one project at this time (my first sweater), but since I've joined these KAL's, I think I'm going to end up with multiple projects again. I'm such a lemming...or sheep? Oh, and I signed up for Project Spectrum, too. Although, I haven't made anything green yet. I do have some lovely Dale of Norway Baby Ull in a rich dark green.

In fields of May flowers, I spied some Yarn...

in reality: yarn ball sitting on top of my flower print ironing board

In summary, here are my plans for the summer KAL's:
1) Tote Exchange - tote (project kept secret - it will be in some sort of purple though) - pattern purchased from LYS

2) Year of the Sweater KAL -
a) Honeymoon Cami (blocking left)
b) Debbie Bliss's "Gemma" - Working on sleeves, Front panel and neckline left to do.

3) Amazing Lace KAL -
  • Zig Zag Hat from Knitty
  • (I even have the white 'Feeling' yarn - it was difficult to find)

    4) Knitting Nature KAL - unknown yet what to do

    5) MD Knitting Group - I'm kind of tired of knitting MD projects. I've done 3 already! Time to blind myself to those promotions.

    6) Project Spectrum - Green socks maybe? Although May is almost over. Maybe I should start planning for June (blue) instead considering how slow I knit these projects.


    Blogger Anne said...

    Ohhh! It was the Zig Zag sweater from Knitty that got me hooked back on knitting. (Not that I've knitted it, but I read and reread the instructions, decided I really did need circular needles, read them again, fantasized about how the sweater would look on, discovered I couldn't find the yarn, read it again... - I've promised myself that one day I will knit it...)

    7:38 AM  
    Blogger Two-Socks said...

    Haha! I've promised myself the same thing. Although, for now, I'm just going to do the hat. The required yarn is very expensive though. I'm looking into other yarn alternatives like maybe some Louisa Harding Kashmir DK or maybe some Southwest Trading Company Optim DK wool.

    9:50 AM  

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