Tuesday, May 02, 2006

R.I.P. Project list - April Thoughts in Review

i.e. my mind is still in April even though it's May already

It's been awhile since I've lasted posted a list, so for my own amusement, here is a list of 'abandoned' projects! Which means I initially started the project, for whatever reason I either: a) frogged it, b) became frustrated, c) became easily distracted to another project

1) Starburst Shawl - from the Modular Knits book - (became the Cozy Diamond Wrap)

2) Diamond Blossom Scarf - from the Modular Knits book - (became the start of the Starburst which became the CD Wrap)

3) Basic Ribbed Hat in Cascade 220 (red)- Wanted to make it for my secret scarf pal initally, but I was knitting too slow. I don't think I understood the pattern very well. Also, my secret pal is much better at making hats than I am!

4) Crocheted Hat - I think I better wait before I attempt crocheting in the round. I haven't really practiced my sc's, dc's, or hdc's really well. I seem to crochet too tightly.

Nice project ideas that never got completed...and probably won't anytime in the near future. After my sweater class, I'm even more interested in making knitwear. It's such fun! After I finish my First Sweater, I'll probably think about making another one with a cable element to it.


Blogger Monica said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Good luck on finishing your cami!

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