Thursday, June 29, 2006

Project Spectrum: June is for Blue

I've just come back from vacation, from Hawaii! Lots of opportunities for blue pictures of course:

It was truly paradise.


Finally! I have something to show for Project Spectrum that is finished object-wise. I have been working on this sweater for a LONG time. This was knit with Rowan Soft Tweed in Slate Blue. More details on it are on the Year of the Sweater KAL: - I feel too lazy to repeat myself here. If you're feeling equally lazy, just click on the Sweater icon in the sidebar. :)

My current projects now are:

1) Felted purse for the Tote Exchange KAL
2) Purse I was first working on when I started knitting (I'm just NOW sewing the lining)
3) Amazing Lace KAL: Zigzag hat from Knitty

I can't wait for July (purple). I have lots of purple projects to show off. Well, lots by my standards (i.e. more than one).


Blogger mazhalai said...

found your blog from the amazing lace.. cant wait to see the zigzag hat photos

11:38 AM  

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