Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Entry 32 - In Which the Hostess Considers Changing her Moniker

Progress has been made on my SSS, but I'm still only at the ankles, working the stitch pattern. Socks take a lot longer than I thought. I'm somewhat worried that it will be too big, but I really don't want to rip it all out right now. We're in the last week of our swap. I decided just to plug right along. I am somewhat worried about reaching the heel flap part, hoping I won't mess up the sock construction. Well, we'll see.

I've put my sweater on hold, my ISE scarf on hold (hah! Did I even start?), and Any other future projects on hold. Fortunately, the Afghans for Afghans deadline has been pushed to mid-October. Yay! I need every bit of time.


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