Thursday, September 28, 2006

Entry 33 - Two-Socks Finishes Half a Sock

Now I understand the appeal of socks. They're really easy, but look like they're difficult. The part I had somewhat of a difficulty with was picking up the gusset stitches, but only because I think I picked up the stitches too tightly. I used my favorite method which was using my crochet hook. Otherwise, sock knitting is not so intimidating as the pattern makes it to be. Once I got started and examined my knitting, it all made sense. Double pointed needles are not so bad. Sometimes I would trip up though and drop a stitch. The loops are so small that it's sometimes hard to pick them up, but sometimes I would fudge and increase a stitch on the next row. Hee hee! I'm lazy that way. The sock seems to be unharmed.

I told you that my pattern called for DPN's size 3 (US) needles to make 7 stitches per inch (that's my gauge). However, I read the pattern again and measured the circumference and decided that is way too big. So now, my gauge is about 8.5 stitches per inch on DPN's size 1 needles. I think the circumference is still a bit big, but not too terrible when I tried it on my ankle. The cuff ribbing makes all the difference.

I'm done with the Heel part and the Turning and now I just have to knit the sock length. I was so excited to see it all come together so beautifully and the red colorway is just so gorgeous to my eyes. I wanted to keep it for myself! Alas, it must go to my sock knitter pal. A couple of times, I just wiggled my foot inside just to see how it will all come together and my excitement grew. So much fun!

I'm not used to knitting for long lengths of time though so my fingers were starting to get crampy yesterday. I had to stop. Today I have another day off, so I'm going to knit as much as I can to fit her shoe size. (What's her shoe size you ask, dear reader? Ah, that would be telling.)

I am trying to knit this as fast as I can so I can send of the package to her. I'm sure she is anxiously waiting and I feel very guilty for not sending it to her yet. My goal is to have the package to her by Sept. 30. I'm making that goal or bust! I'd also like to post a photo, but I'm sure all the Sock Swappers are looking at the other blogs to see which socks are theirs and I'd like to keep it a surprise.

After this sock is done, I think I better work on my scarf. My sweater is just going to have to wait. I'd rather have my ISE scarf out of the way since that has a more expectant deadline (Nov. 1). My sweater can always wait for the next charity deadline but not my scarf.


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