Sunday, October 15, 2006

Entry 35 - Lazy Day Sunday Report

Yesterday, I decided to heck with the mail and carried over my Second Sock Syndrome Sock to my sock pal, Elspeth. I've been fairly busy with work and can never seem to find the time to make it to the post office to send my package. I'm one of those people that rely on grocery stores to be open till Midnight, drug stores to be open 24 hours a day, and other such conveniences I take for granted. :)

I felt an overwhelming guilt that is now relieved since my sock pal has received my package...and enjoys it! Another gift project brought to successful completion.

I can finally get started on the other projects I've been letting lay around. My Scarf exchange project is going somewhat slowly. I've been having doubts about it, but I've been plugging along, regardless. Only two inches of scarf done so far. I know... terrible! The due date is Nov. 1, but I'm aiming for ASAP so I can get it to the mail in time. I can't exactly hand deliver it this time (the pal is across the ocean).

I haven't even started the sleeves of my Spartan pullover. I've been letting that lay unfinished while I try to get my scarf done. I'm keeping in mind the deadline of Nov. 3.

Meanwhile, you'll notice I've significantly changed my sidebar buttons. I have some rather skimpy output at these KAL's I've joined. I think the only significant progress I've ever made is the Year of the Sweater KAL. Let me reflect...

Year of the Sweater KAL: Two sweaters...and a half
Socktoberfest/SSS: one sock. Ha.
Knitting Nature: None planned for now.
International Scarf Exchange: I've made a scarf in the last exchange. Working on Scarf #2
Fall Cable KAL: none. I can't really count my Zigzag hat since I made that during the summer.

I've also stopped buying yarn (or at least going to yarn stores). I noticed I have a rather large bundle of yarn of a multitude of fibers and colors stuffed in one rather large bag zippered. The kind of plastic zippered bag in which your down comforter came in when you buy it at Target. I'd like to see that halved at some point. Maybe put myself on a yarn diet for one year?

Okay. Starting today. I'm documenting it. 365 days to go. :)


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